Hemodent Liquid 20 cc Bottle - Premier

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Hemodent™ Liquid by Premier contains buffered Aluminum Chloride Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid. Hemodent™ effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. Hemodent™ is stable and offers a long shelf life.

Three sizes including 10 cc, 20 cc and 40 cc.

Hemodent™ Hemostatic Liquid - Premier

Features and Benefits

  • Hemodent™ effectively stops minor gingival bleeding.
  • Hemodent is stable and offers a long shelf life.
  • Recommended to arrest bleeding during crown preparations, before impression taking, placing fillings, cement bases, or cementing inlays or crowns; also after minor surgery, curettage, gingivectomies, gingivoplastys and deep scaling.
  • It contains no epinephrine to help avoid potential cardiac reactions

Indications for use

  • During crown preparations
  • Prior to impression taking
  • When placing fillings or cement bases
  • While cementing inlays or crowns
  • After minor surgery
  • During curettage
  • To Soothe minor gingival bleeding during gingivoplasty and gingivectomy


  • Product Name: Hemodent™ Hemostatic Liquid
  • Manufacturer: Premier Dental
  • Category: Prosthetic Supplies
  • Biocompatible: Yes
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