MGE Academy

Elevate your skillset with our registered events hosted by the best of the best. Whether you’re looking to gain clinical knowledge, or improve your day-to-day operations, A Medical Partner offers an Academy run and backed up by the biggest and greatest internationally known firms and institutions.



Steps to Get Ultra-Productive & Profitable in the Post-Covid-19 World!

MGE Management Experts

MGE Management Experts teach real systems for dental practice efficiency, teamwork, profitability and growth. They deliver fun, engaging and practical courses and seminars around the US & Canada and work with dentists one-on-one to help them implement successfully.

Decades of experience with the dental profession combined with a fierce diligence to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends, has made MGE the “go-to” solution for thousands of dental professionals looking for the freshest and most effective practice building strategies available. Backing this up, MGE clients’ practices grow at a rate beyond any other group in the industry. 

For all our members attending any of MGE's workshops, seminars or courses, there will always be incentives.

The average MGE Client sees 232% growth over 5 years

*Results may vary from client to client, especially depending on the client’s degree of dedication to positive change. As such, no particular result can be promised or guaranteed to any client. The averages described on this page under statistical increases are based on a statistical study of a number of clients who participated in the MGE Power Program. They are not, however, a guarantee of results of any kind. MGE: Management Experts, Inc., hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties expressed and implied, including without limitation all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Over 5,000 dentists have done the MGE New Patient Workshop!

Dentists that have done the New Patient Workshop see an average, sustained New Patient Increase of 42.2%, and a sustained collections increase of $149,760 a year!*

Just last year’s attendees saw an estimated 50,000 more new patients

and made an additional $56,000,000 in revenue. And yes, that is $56 million, just last year!

Combined, New Patient Workshop attendees have generated an estimated $750,000,000 in additional revenue

(yes, that’s millions again), in extra revenue by getting more new patients!

What Real Dentists Say

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