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Designed to empower Dental Professionals from clinical to business aspects of their Practice(s). 

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About Us

The platform that gives you the competitive edge, like corporate dentistry.

At A Medical Partner, we strongly believe that there is no greater strength than unity. So we’ve decided to unite the dental professionals to create an unstoppable and powerful organization with the mere goal of bettering the dental community. We are proud to say that as a united front, we’ve collectively provided solutions not only in the challenges we all face today, but overall day to day operations as well. Our members continue to reap the benefits of our great organization.

New Innovation

Next-generation imaging technology brings a new level of clarity.
Currently available in USA.

More Clear

Enjoy clearer, more diagnostic presentation of anatomical structures and pathology from your clinical images


Enhance patient comfort and experience during radiographic imaging exams


Eliminate cable mess and gain the benefits of convenient wireless positioning

Check out all of our services available to our Members below!

Designed to help you grow your practice with a peace of mind

AMP Employment Assistance

We are always here to help our members to smoothen their day-to-day operations. One of the most important aspects of that is your staffing. We can help you find your superstar staff member.

AMP Academy

Elevate your skillset with our registered events hosted by the best clinical and business educators. We offer an Academy run and backed up by the biggest and greatest internationally.

AMP Marketing

Boost your web presence, and promote your practice with a customized social media plan. With targeted content creation, social media can be used to reach your business goals.

Service Hub

Where we utilize our great partnerships to bring you top service providers to create the most value for you and your Practice(s), short term or long term.

Supply Hub

All of your necessities on one platform, with exclusive pricing and immediate maximized savings on your day to day operations. Our supplies are tested by your colleagues before launch to ensure quality.

Tech Hub

Working with great IT technology software companies to bring you the best service and support, with the most cost effective solutions.

A Medical Partner joins forces with MGE in North America

Looking to gain the knowledge to grow your business and practice the way you want?

A Medical Partner is proud to announce our partnership with MGE Management Experts to elevate our members practices. MGE is the largest dental practice management firm in the US if not the world, what truly makes them stand out is one thing: RESULTS.

Some of the facts and stats

All A Medical Partner Members will receive exciting incentives, by attending MGE’s free or paid seminars.
0 +

Seminar Attendees


Patients lives touched by MGE's dental clients

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Average client growth over 5 years

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