The community created to unite the dental professionals to empower their careers and Practice(s). 

About Us

We are A Medical Partner

A Medical Partner empowers private practices and provides them the ability to own 100% of their practice(s), while saving money and having the same buying power and benefits as corporate practices. 
In addition, A Medical Partner empowers dental professionals across North America to expand their horizons within their career. 

Our Story

Founded in 2020, at the peak of the unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic, A Medical Partner ‘AMP’ was born to be the beacon of support for Dental professionals in Canada. The fast success of the Ontario-based rising support system for dentists, which is now Canada’s largest dental network, is centered around the concept of unity; Uniting dental professionals and utilizing industry partners to create a platform of support, growth, and empowerment. In Canada alone, AMP has united over 1500 practices and counting. Following this remarkable feat that has created a positive impact in the community, the organization decided to spread this special opportunity across North America. 

Our Pledge To The Dental Professionals

During the early days of the pandemic, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals was in short supply. A vast majority of dentists had donated their supplies to frontline workers, and available PPE were directed to government hospitals, leaving dentists across the country high and dry, especially when it came to reopening their Practices. This situation was especially frustrating because the dentists had developed strong bonds with their supply chain partners over decades but still found PPEs rare and ultra-expensive at that juncture. Naturally, the dentists felt abandoned. Right when things were falling apart, A Medical Partner came to the rescue, obtaining private charters to Canada with enough PPE for every practice. They took on all the costs and helped the dentists out until the pending orders were fulfilled. – Our pledge is to be there for our members, and ensure a strong support system no matter how tough a challenge may be.

Our Organization Today

A Medical Partner has grown to become so much more. Dental professionals within the organization utilize AMP to save money on equipment and supplies, find skilled labor, increase education and even handle day-to-day operational challenges. We continue to provide dentists with a home of solutions to all sorts of problems in collaboration with the dentists within the community and industry partners. The everyday mindset of A Medical Partner leaders and team is how we can provide more value to the members of the community. We’ve also created social media groups that your colleagues communicate on for day to day discussions via Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram. Recommendations, advice and solutions can all be found in these discussions. These groups are the most powerful tools you can take advantage of as all members in the group are here to help. 


What We Stand For

Creating The Ultimate Community Where We Collectively Grow Together


Our vision is to elevate the dental community in North America, and then extend our reach to all medical professionals and create a better tomorrow for all patient care.


Our mission is to create an efficient system that brings value in day to day operations both short term and long term. Utilizing our expertise alongside our industry partners to guide and educate.


"Be yourself, be genuine, be a person of value, be A Medical Partner." - This is the motto we go by to ensure all of our staff provide the best value for our members.

Join The Largest Dental Community

Free Membership

Free Members get access to our renown group purchase pricing, insight and informa­tion about all of the must-knows in our dental community, from the top professionals and colleagues.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership is the ultimate plan to support your Practice(s). Members recieve full access to every­thing we offer, in addition to more exclusive savings, prod­ucts and benefits.


Currently in BETA. We are working with a select group as a trial for this membership. Once our concept of the Ultimate Membership is proven for success, we will make it available to the entire community.


Atbin R.

Atbin is a passionate and true leader, bringing in 5 years of experience in large transaction accounts in finance, commercial real estate, and start-up companies. With many paths crossed, he found his passion in the medical industry. One of Atbin’s major advantages is his ability to create professional relationships, as he holds a large network of professionals and high net-worth investors. Atbin has been in the medical supply industry for over 5 years and counting. He plans on utilizing his passion of the industry, and his skillset of developing the right relationships to not only grow and improve A Medical Partner, but your practices too.


Moe N.

Moe is a seasoned entrepreneur, having been involved with several successful start-up companies in the areas of renewable energy, entertainment and social philanthropy. His former company EnergyGeeks, was featured on National Geographic to battle climate change, as well as partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation, Mike Holmes, Corporate Knights, and more to better the planet overall in the green sector. Although he has just recently joined the medical industry, he seeks to utilize his extensive skillset in building companies, and passion in philanthropy to elevate A Medical Partner, and all of its offerings to you. 

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